Overland Park Termite & Pest Removal Service

The Right Service for Your Residential and Commercial Property

Overland Park Termite & Pest Removal Service’s focus has been the very same from the first day we established our pest control company years back – providing superior and reliable pest removal service to our clients. Based in Overland Park, KS, we serve the local community with pride and honesty. Our solid reputation for being a dependable and skilled contractor has been built through years of putting the customer’s needs first. Our business rest on the timeless values of family, education, and guaranteed pest control skills. We strive to ensure that our expert team of experienced exterminators possesses the most up-to-date industry knowledge, information, and skills.

We take great pride of the individuals Overland Park Termite & Pest Removal Service employs and the impeccable pest and termite inspection Termite inspection contractors at workservice we offer; a fact you will notice instantly in the attitude and integrity they bring to your property. We make sure that each and every person that joins our team goes through a rigorous training so that they are able to live up to your and our expectations. Our entire staff works diligently and extremely hard to make your experience with us a pleasant one while ridding you of any unwanted guest. Our pest removal service experts have what it takes to ensure that your property, be it commercial or residential is pest free!

Our skilled professionals are always ready to deliver affordable, efficient, reliable, and timely pest control services as only the very best can provide! So if, you find your Overland Park, KS business or residence infested with annoying pests, just give us a call at (913) 203-1561, and we will get rid of those unwanted guests in no time at all! Be sure to take advantage of our rodent and termite inspection service as well.

Methods of control – Advance Bait System, Non-Repellent and Repellent Termiticide
Residential Contracts – Annual, Quarterly, Monthly
Commercial Contracts – Quarterly, Monthly
Who we service – residential owners, hotels, motels, hospitals, restaurants, government buildings, schools, retail business, offices, warehouses.